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About us

Who are we?

Cloudware City is a service run by Cloudware Hosting Limited, a company set up in the United Kingdom (based near Warrington, Cheshire), specifically aimed at providing services that assist in the rapid and relatively risk-free sales and deployment for online application, service and content providers.

Cloudware City was set up with one idea in mind:

To provide a comprehensive yet straightforward solution for online subscriptions sales and management.

By outsourcing sales and marketing, subscriptions, authentication and monitoring systems to Cloudware Hosting Ltd, through the Cloudware City site, our members (both businesses and individuals) can save time and money by swiftly clear the barriers of getting their products generating online recurring revenue and can instead concentrate on doing what they do best, developing the great Internet Cloud software, content and services that are fast becoming a growing trend, replacing old perpetual licensing models with subscription based services (e.g. SaaS - Software as a Service, subscription based content, etc).

Cloudware City's aim is to become the global marketplace for online applications, service and content providers.

The Company, which was formed in early 2010, is also planning to introduce a complete solution including web hosting, to provide 'off-the-shelf' comprehensive and cost effective solutions, under one roof.

Company Management

keith hall

The Founder and CEO, Keith Hall previously held the role of Vice President/Director of IT and Infrastructure for a global, UK based plc, and having 20+ years background in IT is well experienced in design, operations, strategy, troubleshooting, budgetary and financial management of IT and telecommunications based businesses with a strong managed services slant. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry from the Open University.

Some of you may recognise the name if you ever had any dealing with Acorn computers, notably the Archimedes and Risc PC range. Amongst many smaller utilities and applications, Keith successfully designed, developed and sold an award-winning communications software solution named ArmBBS, which provided a means for anyone with a RISC OS computer and modem to set up community dial-up Bulletin Board Systems, before the age of the internet really took off. He also assumed responsibility for the development of Arc-Binkley, a RISC OS BinkleyTerm port for the inter-communications of electronic messages (private and public) on Fidonet, and ran Hub 2000 for Fidonet UK. He ran his own BBS called The Plasma Sphere for well over 15 years using the aforementioned software.

As well as composing music, playing synthesizer and piano, Keith also has an avid interest in playing Snooker, Golf and never misses a Formula 1 motor race!

Company Ethics

Our aim is to provide high quality, secure, easy to use systems, procedures, and quality customer service, with as much transparency and integrity as possible. We openly welcome feedback!

Our Systems

Our platforms utilise top quality, redundant systems from Dell, Cisco and NetApp in a high class state of the art secure Data Centre in Manchester, UK. Along with state of the art service monitoring systems, this offers extremely high resilience and availability, and backed by our SLA, ensures that you, our customers, suppliers and clients alike have the assurance that our systems are available whenever they are needed.

Our Partners

SagePay logo SagePay (formerly Protx) are the UK and Ireland's largest payment service provider.


The company is not currently recruiting, but keep watching this space.


If you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear them, if so please get in touch with us!