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PCI DSS Compliancy

payment cards

We know how hard it can be to comply with all the requirements of the PCI DSS. PCI DSS - the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard sets out a set of stringent requirements for security management, network architecture, software design and other policies and procedures for the protection and confidence of keeping customer's payment card data safe and secure. A mistake, leading to a breach of cardholder data, can be very costly indeed - quite easily business crippling.

That is why we have developed our systems and procedures from the ground up alongside the PCI DSS to put security and safety of customer data first.

Furthermore we utilise 128-bit SSL encryption on all our servers using the https:// protocol; and passwords are stored using one-way strong cryptographic hashing techniques with advanced techniques to prevent someone determining passwords even if the database were compromised. The service is regularly tested for vulnerabilities, and data is protected with SQL injection prevention techniques and the cross-site scripting attack surface is minimised.

We have spent and continue to spend considerable effort developing these systems so you don't have to! As a vendor, all this complicated stuff is outsourced via Cloudware City, so you can concentrate on developing your services rather than fretting over time consuming but incredibly important issues.