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Opportunities to earn more with Cloudware City


In addition to the subscriptions billing management and marketing platform, Cloudware City offers an affiliate referrals scheme whereby vendors can earn £5.00 in return for every qualifying new vendor they recommend to use our service for adding subscriptions and membership management to their website.

This offer is currently limited to UK Vendors and subject to the scheme terms and conditions:

  • Both Referred and Referring Vendors must be based in the United Kingdom
  • £5.00 will be credited into the Referring Vendor's account when the Referred Vendor makes their first sale through Cloudware City.
  • Any abuse of the referral scheme for purposes of obtaining a referral fee under false pretences will result in a cancellation/debit of the £5.00 credit and vendor will no longer be able to participate in the referral scheme.
  • Referred Vendors are also able to participate and refer other Vendors in accordance with these terms.
  • The scheme is subject to alteration or removal without notice (any referral fees already honoured will not be affected by this clause).


Please use the following special customised link in your pages or to give to your friend/colleague:

Your customised link will appear here for you to copy and paste, when you are signed in to your vendor account



Follow the 4 step process - it's really this simple:

1. Recommend Cloudware City to your friend/colleague

Once signed up as a vendor yourself (you don't even need to add any products to participate), give your friend the special link above or let them know your Vendor ID.

Alternatively you may use the customised link or buttons on your website or elsewhere without any restrictions.

2. Your friend/colleague signs up as a vendor

With the simple sign-up process your friend/colleague associates their membership with your account by ensuring your Vendor ID is present in the "Referred By" box during vendor signup.

Once this is done, your accounts are linked for referral purposes only.

3. They add their Cloudware
listing in the App Store

When your friend has got their site listed in our powerful Web App Store for sale (subject to approval), the last step is simple.

Sit back and wait for the revenue!

4. On their first sale, we credit you with £5.00

When your friend/colleague makes their first sale, in accordance with the terms above we will credit your (the referrer) Vendor account with £5.00.

There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make, each earning £5.00 on first sale!