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Cloudware City Downloads

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Cloudware City Downloads

Integration Kits

Offering free or paid subscriptions to your web app, service or content couldn't be any easier now with the help of these kits and plug-ins. In most plugins, installation is automatic - enable the plugin, set up your Vendor account here on Cloudware City and you can be selling subscriptions in minutes!

To find out more about how Cloudware City can help generate membership or recurring revenue from your website, please see Subscriptions Billing and Authentication

If you would like to share an API call or plugin developed for anything not listed here, please get in touch and we'll gladly add them to assist others in adding subscriptions to their website.

To use these examples against the demo server, browse to, register the accounts and products required, note the vendor (site) id, vendor auth key, product id, and "purchase" one of the added products so you can see the results of the authentication process.


Extract the zip file to a folder on your web server, and browse to index.php. Various settings can be changed in login.php to reflect your vendor/product ID. Supports a test mode for validation against vendor credentials, and also defaults to the Demo server. Debugging options are available.

Download - 9KB
Wordpress 3.0+

Install the plugin into wp-content/plugins, activate the plugin from WordPress Plugins administration, and edit the Settings. Includes a test mode.

Download - 78KB
Joomla 1.6+

Install the plugin from extension manager, edit the settings with your Vendor details in the Plug-in Manager and set the ordering (Order Last recommended). Includes a test mode. If you use this extension, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Download - 18KB
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / C# / Silverlight

Extract to a suitable location. Edit the MainPage.xaml.cs inserting site id, site key etc, test by hitting f5. If you enter a username and password that has 'purchased' the product in the demo site, it should return the response in the text box on the page. Simply change the API URL from to to use on the live platform.

Download - 24KB