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What other Cloudware Vendors have to say

Cloudware City provided an end to end solution for us to get paid for our content online


We were starting to see our paper based subscriptions go down and were worried we were losing our usually loyal readers to another publication. Then we found out our website readership was increasing. This was fantastic news but it was after all supported by our paper based publication. Many editorial "discussions" were had. Reducing the online content was not an option, this would force readers elsewhere, yet putting more content online potentially meant less revenue from our traditional print media. It was then that we found Cloudware City!

We learnt that with new media devices like smart phones, tablets and pads, people were increasingly consuming their media content, globally from the cloud. (We know a lot about clouds but this cloud was a new one on us) !

Thankfully Cloudware City provided an end to end solution for us to get paid for our content online. We feel like our hands have been untied! We're free to put up more and more content and see an increasing revenue stream from it. Using Cloudware City has been simple and has removed from us all the technical challenges involved.

We would recommend Cloudware City to anyone. Registering and adding products was so easy to do and if there was anything at all we were unsure of, the support was amazing, really quick and very helpful!

Integrating our website login system with Cloudware City was so simple and within 24 hours of us going online we already generated sales which was really critical for the progression of our publication. Our customers can now also choose to automatically renew their 30 day subscription without having to log in or enter their details every time!

In addition, the fact that we can gain new customers from visitors looking for other products in the app store, through recommendations and reviews is a very valuable prospect and I look forward to seeing our online sales figures grow, using the reports provided by the Cloudware City site!

A sad fact is that printed publications were often delayed or lost in the postal service and our online subscribers now have instant access to the content as soon as it is published, wherever they may be in the world!

We may not be as big as the Times online, but with Cloudware City, we feel we're hitting well above our weight in this new Cloud!

Samantha J.A. Hall, Editor-in-Chief, The International Journal of Meteorology


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