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What's this all about?

What is Cloudware?

You've probably heard of Cloud Computing - Cloudware is... a product, app, service or content that is used over the web! Cloudware is a term to describe 'online' software that you do not have to install on your computer via a download or CD. Along with "Web 2.0", "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and other terminology, it basically means the software runs in the cloud (the Internet) and typically is software that you make use of just with a web browser.

This means that you usually don't have to have a specific type of computer or operating system to be able to use services and applications 'in the cloud' - you can use any type of device that is connected to the internet and has a standards-based Web Browser:

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As long as there is an Internet connection available, Cloudware will be available to you!

How does it benefit me?

Cloudware applications and services are more affordable and easier on cashflow as they are subscription based - you pay a smaller amount regularly (recurring billing) rather than a larger one time payment.

Since the software or service runs 'in the cloud', it is always the latest version, any bugs found can be fixed once and everyone who uses that software will benefit from that fix without having to worry about applying software patches and updates.

And since Cloudware vendors and authors receive regular income streams, they can better devote resources to developing and maintaining the product, giving you the latest and greatest technology usually at no extra cost.

So what's Cloudware City all about?

From a purchaser end-user point of view, you get one easy place to purchase and maintain subscriptions to a wide selection of online services of all kinds, and just one user account and password to remember when logging in to use any Cloudware City enabled website. You have full control over recurring subscriptions with an easy 'auto-renew' and 'cancel' mechanism.

From a website owner's point of view, until now, adding subscriptions capabilities to a website could mean a lot of time and effort in researching various payment mechanisms, often costly and hasslesome up-front expenses in terms of setting up merchant accounts, ensuring security, having to manage the administration of subscriptions - and that's all before working out how to integrate it all!

By providing services not only enabling revenue generation and controlling subscriptions using our unique website authentication API, through to administration of customer accounts, and value added services such as free monitoring and sales statistics, we also provide invaluable marketing exposure - as Cloudware City intends to be the one-stop shop for online software applications and services. Cloud Computing for the masses!

If you have developed a web application, or have a content website and wish to enable it to earn you some money, or even have a startup business with a web application or service that you need to quickly start generating revenue without worrying about up front costs, securing payments, and subscriptions billing technology etc then Cloudware City can help you. Membership sites can be easily enabled using our plug-in technologies too!

We make it easy to offer subscriptions to your website!

Offer paid or free subscriptions to your web app, service or content - for further info please review our Vendor site. Simply sign up and publish your offering with just a few clicks, today!

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