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By: Mikogo
Added: 11-Aug-2010 13:56
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Mikogo is a free and easy desktop sharing solution that allows you to share any screen content or application on your computer with others around the world. Whatever you see, they see.

Incorporating highly advanced remote desktop technology, Mikogo is the ideal solution for all your desktop sharing needs:
- web conferencing
- remote support
- online presentations
- online meetings
- elearning
- online trainings
- and more!

While including a wide range of features available at no cost, Mikogo's real hidden advantage is its ease of use. The software has been designed with all users in mind, from the computer novice up to the advanced tech pro. There are no network or firewall changes required, making Mikogo suitable and easy for any user.

Secondly, the Mikogo software is highly secure with 256bit AES encryption, along with several other security measures, such as unique Session IDs and passwords for users and even a "Lock Session" feature.

There are many more features included to assist your desktop sharing needs, such as switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, application sharing, file transfer, scheduler, etc.

For more information on the features and the software, please visit the website.


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